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Emily Wolf by Puremomo Emily Wolf :iconpuremomo:Puremomo 3 3 Victor Van Dort Wolf by Puremomo Victor Van Dort Wolf :iconpuremomo:Puremomo 6 5 Zentangle Part 2 - JxS by Puremomo Zentangle Part 2 - JxS :iconpuremomo:Puremomo 67 9 Zentangles Part 1 by Puremomo Zentangles Part 1 :iconpuremomo:Puremomo 6 4 First REAL try/Belated V-Day JxS pic by Puremomo First REAL try/Belated V-Day JxS pic :iconpuremomo:Puremomo 39 53 Sally Ragdoll Wolf by Puremomo Sally Ragdoll Wolf :iconpuremomo:Puremomo 6 9 Jack Skellington Wolf by Puremomo Jack Skellington Wolf :iconpuremomo:Puremomo 7 7 Stop Sopa by Puremomo Stop Sopa :iconpuremomo:Puremomo 5 1
September 25th Foamy Mouth Guy
Fo-A-Ming (Foam Foam)
Fo-A-Mong (Foam Foam)
Fo-A-Mang (Foam Foam)
Fo-A-Ming (Foam Foam)
Fo-A-Mong (Foam Foam)
Fo-A-Mang (Foam Foam)
Hello, Salute, It's me, that dude
And I do something that's weird to show you how I feel.
Hello, Hello, It's me, Foamy Mouth Guy
I'll foam up, My odd excitement, while doing something that looks a seizure.
When he comes I start to go nuts
Run around yay, Run around n around n around
I spit up what was in my guts.
Now I fall over. I'm such a klutz!
When he comes I start to go nuts
Run around yay, Run around n around n around
I spit up what was in my guts.
Now I fall over. I'm such a klutz!
I sit right here until he disappears
Then I go home and clean myself of all of my spit up.
Hello, Hello, It's me again, Foamy Mouth Guy.
I'll spray, My odd excitement, and roll around on the floor.
When he comes I start to go nuts
Run around yay, Run aro
:iconpuremomo:Puremomo 2 7
September 23rd Hakoda Day
September 23rd, 2010
Happy Hakoda Day
He left behind a boy and girl
His home and his tribe
To fight in the war
To lead his men and free his people.
Two years was too long
When he heard of them again
"How they have grown." His right hand told him
He wished that he had been in Bato's shoes when he saw them
His son, his boy, his little warrior
Was now a man of sixteen?
Where was the little tike who used to cling to his father's knee?
Now he walked with his father's swagger
A pace set with experience of a man, lover, and warrior.
What of his baby girl?
His sweet little waterbender
Now a master in her art with so much passion
A perfect copy of her mother
They traveled with the Avatar
Saw places that they never even dreamed about
Lived through events that he had to face alone
He couldn't wait for the war to end to hear them all.
He was so proud of them both
Yet regretted not being there to help with each choice
War always did have a price to pay
He thought he'd already paid for it when he lo
:iconpuremomo:Puremomo 2 0
September 22nd Yue Day
September 22nd, 2010
Happy Yue Day
She's always watching us
Her light soft and guiding like a candle
Yet tangible like a caress from a mother.
She's always listening from her perch in the heavens
Clouds surround her in cushion-like piles
Glittering stars whisper ancient secrets in her ear
But she shushes them when the show begins.
Tender smile broke across her pale lips
As each person looked up at her moon
Emotions swam across each face
Skimming the surface like koi
"Yue, please send me a sign.
I can't let her go.
  I love her too much."
Her light shone with sympathy for the Avatar
"Yue, I've fallen for him hard.
Can you believe it?
I'm in love with my best friend."
Her light shone brightly with happiness for the Waterbender
"Yue, help me let you go.
It's time I'd moved on with my life
But I'll never forget you."
Her light shone with bittersweet agreement for her first and only one
She started to turn away
When one last person called her name
A small girl around Aang's age
:iconpuremomo:Puremomo 2 0
September 21st Aang Day
September 21st, 2010
Happy Aang Day!
The cycle continues since the beginning of time
Divided into four when the world was so young
Water, Earth, Fire, and Air
Now rest this great power on your shoulders.
Sweet little boy
So innocent with a love of life
Do you know what is now destined for you?
Do you know what will be taken?
What things you might never get to experience?
That your life may be cut tragically short?
No, you didn't little monk
For your temple brothers kept it from you
Do you hate them for it?
No, I think not.
Fight for your home!
Burnt to the ground!
Fight for your honor!
100 years have passed but you are here now!
Fight for your peace!
Once enemies now stand united!
Fight for the ones you love!
Beside you they fight for they love you too!
Fight for her!
Ocean sapphires holding only your heart
For you're at the end of the red thread held in her palm
Like the wind, you soar to where you are needed
For that is your duty
Not alone will you ever be
For that is the meaning of
:iconpuremomo:Puremomo 6 9
Crescent Moon
From my window I can see,
Through the branches of an oak tree
A blanket of heavenly black velvet so smooth,
Littered with silver stars, oh how they soothe --
The Crescent Moon shines with soft glee.
I sigh for you are what I long
For my feelings are frighteningly strong,
I just don't know what to do.--
So I seek comfort by the moon...
I wish to speak my silent plea
Yet when I try I go weak kneed.
With gentle grace, you move
As if you have something to prove.
Holding out a rose to me,
So I seek comfort by the moon...
:iconpuremomo:Puremomo 3 0
Ode to Bones
French Sonnet
By Puremomo
Ode to Bones
Law and Order, CSI, and the Mentalist;
Murder, Romance, Suspense, and with some Laughs.
Your criminals all use the same old gory crafts,
So unoriginal and yet on grows the list.
Curious, I look and search to stop my thirst.
I lose hope and slowly crumble in sad defeat
And into my room under lilac sheets I retreat.
Feeling as if my luck had been somehow cursed
But it vanished when I saw a something bone white.
Walking, my senses heightened with each quiet foot fall
Something thick like rope was oddly hanging from my wall,
Hands brush against it as I climb up towards the growing light.
Seven pairs of outstretched hands helped me reach the top
And with a quick dusting off I smiled, "Let's rock."
:iconpuremomo:Puremomo 1 10
DayDreaming Gwen Pen Sketch by Puremomo DayDreaming Gwen Pen Sketch :iconpuremomo:Puremomo 59 45 Lola at four months Bedtime by Puremomo Lola at four months Bedtime :iconpuremomo:Puremomo 2 2


The Pumpkin King by DrawSesh The Pumpkin King :icondrawsesh:DrawSesh 3 0 J and B are here by KetsuoTategami J and B are here :iconketsuotategami:KetsuoTategami 19 0 DJ Skellington by FXDojo DJ Skellington :iconfxdojo:FXDojo 3 0 Jack Skellington sketch by RodWolf Jack Skellington sketch :iconrodwolf:RodWolf 6 0 Jack Skellington by SweetCrow Jack Skellington :iconsweetcrow:SweetCrow 19 7 Sally by fra-gai Sally :iconfra-gai:fra-gai 158 15 Disney boudoir: Bedtime by fra-gai Disney boudoir: Bedtime :iconfra-gai:fra-gai 207 24 Sally: Waiting for a creepy summer by fra-gai Sally: Waiting for a creepy summer :iconfra-gai:fra-gai 184 17 Disney Boudoir: Sally by fra-gai Disney Boudoir: Sally :iconfra-gai:fra-gai 283 10 Jack 'n' Zero by Jakeide Jack 'n' Zero :iconjakeide:Jakeide 17 3 Sally Halloween Makeup w/ Tutorial by KatieAlves Sally Halloween Makeup w/ Tutorial :iconkatiealves:KatieAlves 189 5 INKTOBER FINALE by jaywingblue INKTOBER FINALE :iconjaywingblue:jaywingblue 3 2 Happy Halloween to my Watchers! by Drawing-Wiff-Waffles Happy Halloween to my Watchers! :icondrawing-wiff-waffles:Drawing-Wiff-Waffles 217 5 Rapunzel and Ariel by jostnic Rapunzel and Ariel :iconjostnic:jostnic 100 3 Jasmine and Ariel by jostnic Jasmine and Ariel :iconjostnic:jostnic 105 3 Moana and Ariel by jostnic Moana and Ariel :iconjostnic:jostnic 472 16
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  • Watching: Smosh Game Bang
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Peanut Butter and Honey
  • Drinking: Water


Tagged from: Wolffuchs

001. Real Name : Veronica

002. Nickname[s]: Vero, V, Vivi

003. Zodiac Sign : Gemini

004. Male Or Female : Female

005. Elementary : Mostly good memories

006. Middle School : Sucked balls and told asshole teacher to fuck herself on last day

007. High School : Pretty alright

008. Hair Color : Medium Brown with bits of blonde and red

009. Long Or Short : Will never cut hair short thanks to Childhood experience - Currently mid-back

010. Loud Or Quiet : Quiet

011. Sweats Or Jeans : Jeans cuz they can be great loose or fitted

012. Phone Or Camera : Phone - I need to read my fics

013. Health Freak : 75 percent of the time, but I don't deny myself life's pleasures

014. Drink Or Smoke: Occasional drinker, but I'm very picky... Smoking is disgusting

015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone:  Not at the moment

016. Political orientation: Independent/Conservative Moderate

017. Piercings: Standard earring piercings

018. Tattoos: I hate needles


019. Airplane : Quite a few times

020. Car Accident : Nothing major thank God...

021. Fist Fight : Never cared enough to fall for the bait


022. First piercing: Ears at birth

023. First Best Friend : Kindergarten

024. First Instrument played: Recorder

025. First award: Preteen basketball

026. First Crush : Kindergarten

027. First Language: English

028. First Big Vacation : Visited family in Colombia when I was just a baby


029. Last Person You Talked To : My Sister

030. Last Person You Texted : My Sister

031. Last Person You Watched : Uhhh Judge Ana Maria Polo on Caso Cerrado?

032. Last Food You Ate : Chocolate sandwich cookies from Aldi's

033. Last Movie You Watched : Manchester By The Sea

034. Last Song You listened To : Hold My Heart (feat. ZZ Ward) by Lindsey Stirling

035. Last Thing You Bought : A Gem Pack for Disney Magic Kingdoms app

036. Last Person You Hugged : My Mom


037. Food : I have a lot of fav foods, but I especially adore Asian, Italian, Middle Eastern, and Latin dishes

038. Drinks : Tea, Coffee, and Smoothies <3

039. Clothing : Jeans, Winter Clothing like turtlenecks and cozy sweaters, fuzzy socks, hats, dresses, and overalls

040. Book : Harry Potter, 5 Ancestors, Percy Jackson, Dracula, Sherlock Homes, etc......

041. Colour: Warm and Cool Colors. I don't like BRIGHT colors or NEONS! I'm more incline to dress in Earthy colors...

042. Flower : Roses, Gardenia, Sunflowers

043: Music : Varies on mood - Classical and Instrumental is always a win. Love the Piano Guys, Lindsey Stirling, and Kyle Landry

044. Movies : The Nightmare Before Christmas ;), Across the Universe, This is Where I Leave You, and anything Miyazaki

045. Shoes : Boots, comfy heels, and sandals

046. Subjects : Science, English/Lit, Art, History


047. [ ] Kissed In The Snow

048. [X] Celebrated Halloween

049. [ ] Had Your Heart Broken

050. [ ] Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone

051. [ ] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation

052. [ ] Came Outta The Closet

053. [ ] Gotten Pregnant

054. [ ] Had An Abortion

055. [X] Done Something You've Regretted

056. [ ] Broke A Promise

057. [ ] Kept A Secret

058. [X] Pretended To Be Happy

059. [ ] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life

060. [ ] Pretended To Be Sick

061. [ ] Left The Country

062. [ ] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.

063. [X] Cried Over The Silliest Thing

064. [ ] Ran A Mile

065. [X] Went To The Beach

066. [X] Stayed Single


067. Eating : Nada

068. Drinking : Just finished my tea for this evening

069. Getting Ready To : Read a bit of fanfic then off to bed

070. Listening To : The Piano Guys cover of Don't You Worry Child featuring Shweta Subram - its beautiful so get it a listen

071. Plans For Tomorrow/Today : Today was errands and study, Tomorrow is go to class at 2


072. Waiting For : The World to finally make sense

073. Want Kids : I'd love a couple of kids once I'm married and have a career

074. Want To Get Married : Have to first learn to stop being so socially awkward first

075. Careers in mind : Writer/Teacher


076. Lips Or Eyes : Eyes

077. Shorter Or Taller : Taller

078. Romantic Or Spontaneous : Romantic since Spontaneous can be inconvenient at times

079. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms : Arms

080. Sensitive Or Loud : Sensitive

081. Hookup Or Relationship : Relationship

082. Troublemaker Or Hesitant : There has to be a balance


083. Lost Glasses/Contacts : Yes - at Disney's Animal Kingdom

084. Ran Away From Home : Nope

085. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense : Yes

086. Killed Somebody : Outside of the occasional arcade game, nope

087. Broken Someone's Heart : No clue

088. Been Arrested : Not planning on it


090. Yourself : Sometimes

091. Miracles : Sometimes

092. Love At First Sight : I like to believe in it

093. Heaven : Yes

094. Santa Claus : I believe in the legacy of Saint Nicolas, hence yes I do believe in Santa Claus 

095: This is missing

096. Magic : Like spells? No, but like in Nature and Life - Yes


097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With Right Now : I'd like to meet my other half...

098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are In Life : Currently content, but I want to grow and do better

099. Do You Believe In God : I do, I just think we need to stop wanting them to fix all our problems though..

100. Post As 100 Truths And Tag five People: Anybody who reads this and is remotely interested


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